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About us

Zahr El Laymoun is a unique culinary experience that translates nostalgic memories of grandmothers’ warmth into delicious and timeless recipes. Inspired by her kitchen located between the Lebanese mountains, Zahr El Laymoun celebrates good food, long afternoons, gatherings and generosity.


We begin with the earth between our feet, the ‘terroir’, the land that is inhabited and imbued with meaning. This Land that, bathed in water, has provided us with such beauty and richness in its produce. 

On this land, in-between the contours of the map lies a house, a house of simplicity, built from the materials that surround it. And at the heart of this house there is a table, from which generations of conversations pass recipes of old on into the future. 

These recipes, that are lovingly followed and form the produce stored in the niches and stock rooms of the house, reflect the poetry of the landscape they came from. It is here in this home, on this mountain that we set our scene. 



Zahr El Laymoun’s vision is to become the forefront of Lebanese cusine in the Arab World and internationally. 


Zahr El Laymoun’s mission is to always deliver colorful and fresh dishes that are nutritious and full of authentic flavors of the Lebanese kitchen made with love. 


Stepping into Zahr El Laymoun, guests are greted by an abundance of smells and colours of rural Lebanon. This is our “souk”. Here we celebrate Lebanese farmers: their traditions and their relationships to the mountains of Lebanon. Everything here speaks abouth the generosity of our land and its people. A water fountain stands at the entrance to our souk, which awakes the senses with the scent of orange blossom. Guests are invited to take a little piece of Lebanon home with them from our resturant area, packed with care. They will find a selection of the very best ingredients sourced directly from Lebanon as well as breads and freshly squeezed juices. Mouneh, olive oil, nuts grains and fresh produce adorn this souk taking us on a journey through Lebanon.


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